kunz Italia - Based in Turin, Italy - manufactures and supply a complete range of insulated flexible busbars, laminated flexible links, earthing braids, insulators and accessories. The insulated flexbile busbars are upto 2000amps and available in stock at factory in Turin.

Copper earthing braids are manufactured to customer drawing, with or without insulation. Laminated flexbible links are made as per customer drawing Sabana Traders stock plain copper, tinned copper flexible braids and also stock various sizes of copper braids in plain copper and tinned type.

About Kunz [379kb]

Established in 1991 in Dubai, Sabana Traders are the main distributors for Mersen, Electricfor, Siba, Semikron, Kunz, Ritz Do Brasil, Indel and WCL Uk.

Our main customers are Power Plants, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Aluminium, Steel, Cement Industires.

We distribute our products in Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar.